What's it cost, man? What's it cost?

Over the past eight years, we've created hundreds of tracks for artists as far away as Australia, Africa, Japan and the UK. We've produced country, rock, jazz, reggae, swing, new age, hip-hop, and even Bollywood!
While our services are amazingly inexpensive, they aren't cheap, either. Many hours of work go into creating these tracks. There are many cost-determining factors involved, of course. Songs with heavy orchestration or multiple vocal harmonies will generally cost more than simple rock tracks with drums, bass, and one or two guitars. In other words, Sinatra costs considerably more than Green Day. There may be certain tracks that cannot be created, simply because of their complexity. Prices start as low as $99
Because we have a small staff, the average turnaround time for a completed track is between 4-8 weeks. Trust us -- it's worth the wait.

Upon completion, you will receive your completed track in whichever format you desire: As a CD-g (the standard format for most karaoke machines), mp3, WAV, etc. 
NOTE: Each track is created for YOU ONLY. The track will not be resold or redistributed to anyone else.

Get started!

Just e-mail us with the title and artist of the song you're interested in, and we'll get back to you (usually within 24 hours) with a project estimate. In order to achieve the best possible quality, the song will be meticulously recreated entirely from scratch. Each track is created for the client, and ONLY for that client. If you'd prefer the song in a different key than the original, just let us know. We'll tailor the key to fit your vocal "comfort zone."